We are respectful of our guest’s pets.

Dear guests, we want your pets to be very happy in our “Pet Friendly” hotel.
To achieve a good coexistence with the other guests of the hotel, we must all comply with the following rules.

Pets must be calm and not aggressive.

They must not disturb the other guests.

They must be clean. No fleas or ticks.

They must be up to date with vaccines and deworming treatments.

It is mandatory that they wear an identification collar.

Pets can not sleep on the beds and furniture of the hotel. We provide a little bed for your pet.

Pets are not allowed to eat and drink in the room. We provide bowls for food and drinks.

It is not allowed to give them a bath in the bathroom of the room.

Pets must not be left alone in the room.

Pets are not allowed to let loose your pets around the hotel facilities.

Pets are not allowed in the bar and the indoor dining room, but they can be on the porch and garden tables.

Pets over 30 kg are not allowed to sleep in the room, they must do so in the kennel which is available in the garden for them.

Pets must not relieve themselves in the hotel garden.

Thanks for your collaboration and welcome!