Patricia is a life enthusiast and passionate about what she does. She left behind in Brazil a career as a legal counsel in big companies to start a new life in fertile Asturian soil. This is how Casa Sueño was born.


In August 2013, Xavi made the French Way as a pilgrim for the first time. Caught by the experience, he decided to dedicate his life to it. He started working as an innkeeper and responsible for cooking in a hostel in León… and that’s where everything started.

In the summer of 2015 Patri and Xavi crossed their lives when she arrived as a pilgrim to the hostel where Xavi worked. Later, she started working there as a voluntary innkeeper. A love at first sight that ended in a wedding. Both are also in love with the pilgrim’s road to Santiago, so they decided to rent a hostel on the French Way of St James.

They love the experience of working together, receiving the pilgrims and living with them. And that’s how Patri decided to leave her job as an executive and lawyer in Brazil, to choose her new profession and hobby. Everything together with Xavi, who had already chosen to live and work on the Way of St James. And they started dreaming together.

«In December 2016 we went for a walk along the Primitive Way of St James and already in the early stages we found an ideal place to build our dream. A resting and meeting place for all kinds of travellers, in the best possible location. A land at the foot of the forest in the village of Salas, between the mountains and green Asturian valleys.»

«With the sea and the mountain just one step away and the history in the air we breathe. There we settled since April 2017, and so we have been able to meet its fabulous people, the council, the environment, and the beautiful beaches, natural parks and the mountains of Asturias. We are totally in love with Asturias and the Primitive Way of St James.»

«We chose to build our dream from scratch in a place to live sorrounded by nature, sustainable and pleasant, without forgetting comfort. The perfect place to rest or simply enjoy a unique and relaxing experience.»

«At Casa Sueño we cater to any traveller looking for experiences or relaxation in a friendly environment, not just pilgrims. We welcome rural tourism lovers and those who simply like to escape from the routine to enjoy their leisure or rest in a totally passive and ecological building. An ideal place to enjoy the local architecture and cuisine or practice any outdoor activity.»


a crane?

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of flying? The crane is a metaphor of the traveller’s freedom and commitment at the same time.

The crane represents peace, happiness, good luck, and protection for the family and the weakest.

Cranes are migratory birds known to form lifelong partners and travel great distances for breeding. Ideas that also connect with the personal story that beats behind Casa Sueño.

A living and natural element that supports the ecological sensitivity of the project and accentuates its connection with the environment. Our crane deliberately looks towards an ideal setting that would indicate the pilgrim his direction. And at the same time it is resting; an objective, rest, that we provide every day for our guests.